WHO Are We? 

Resident Power is proud to be  New Hampshire’s first residential  and small business electricity aggregator, dedicated to saving you money on your electric bill. We are passionate about saving you money, and providing fantastic local customer service.

WHAT in the World is an Aggregator? 

According to Dictionary.com an aggregator is “A company that negotiates the purchase of public utility services (like electricity) on behalf of a group of customers”.

According to the staff at Resident Power- An Aggregator is the coolest and most innovative way to save money on your electric supply. We negotiate and shop suppliers for you, monitor your contracts for any tricky clauses or term changes, and keep you up to date with what is happening in the constantly evolving energy world.  Basically we are your personal shopper for your electric supply.

WHEN were we founded? 

In 2011 of course! Our parent company Freedom Energy Logistics (FELpower.com), an energy consultancy and management firm specializing in direct to grid power models for commercial businesses and towns, felt that it was about time for NH residents to enjoy access to the same savings that large businesses have been privy to for years.  We are dedicated to providing the most unique, cost effective, and cutting edge energy cost reduction solutions in the marketplace. In doing so we strive to provide our clients with highly effective customer support, quickly, efficiently, and most importantly friendly.

WHERE Are We Located?

In beautiful Manchester, NH.  Our staff is extremely proud to be New Hampshire ( or at the very least New England) Natives. We love our home state, and want to do anything possible to save our neighbors money, see the local economy grow through the benefits of electricity deregulation, and help inform the market of their electric supply options.

WHY is Our Management Team SO Confident about Resident Power’s Success as a Prominent Residential and Small Business Aggregator?

It’s because FEL has been providing similar energy procurement services to Residential suppliers throughout New England, including a top 5 largest supplier in Connecticut and the largest supplier in Maine. Our management team has over 100 years (collective) energy market experience, and a proven track record of saving clients millions of dollars on their energy costs.  To put that 100 years in perspective… 100 years ago today, the Ford Model T assembly line was just being introduced and milk cost $0.35 cents a gallon. We’ve watched the energy market grow and change, and have continued to provide our clients with cutting edge cost efficient energy solutions.

HOW Do We Save You Money?

Through our unique aggregation model, we are able  to harness the collective bargaining power of groups of customers in order to get you a great rate on your power supply. Because our of our unique model, we have more flexibility to work with multiple suppliers and ultimately pass the savings on to you. We also monitor your contract and keep an eye out for any tricky changes. Savings and Service!

Questions? Comments? Call us at 603-232-9293 or Email: Info@ResidentPower.com  

We love to talk to our customers and answer questions about electricity.