Q: Why can’t I find Resident Power on the New Hampshire PUC website?

Resident Power is an aggregator, not a supplier.  You’ll find us listed in the aggregator section of the website at http://www.puc.state.nh.us/Consumer/Aggregators.html.

Q: Okay, I’ll bite. What’s an Aggregator?

An aggregator works with suppliers and “batches” of customers to negotiate wholesale electricity supply pricing.  By working with suppliers, we can ensure that we are working to make some great offers available to customers.

Q; So, who sends the bill and who do I pay?

The local utility (i.e. Eversource, Liberty, or Unitil) still sends your bill and you’ll still pay them.  In addition, any agreement such as budget billing or automatic payments will remain the same unless changed by the utility.  Resident Power loves having you as a customer, but we really don’t want your credit card/bank information.

Q: Is there a commitment?

Yes, plain and simple.  We ask our customers to commit to Resident Power for a period of 12 months in order to ensure our ability to negotiate better wholesale pricing for all customers.

Q: I have this email called a “Supplier Notice”. What is it and what do I do with it?

The supplier notice is our way of informing customers  of the supplier chosen, the rate, and the term.  And it gives you the opportunity to opt out, just in case you changed your mind.  Cool, isn’t it?  We recommend keeping it in a safe place for your records, but we always have a copy on file if your dog eats it.

Q: I opted out of the last offer. Now what?

We’ll keep searching for a different offer or a different supplier.  When you opt out, you might be asked why so that we can see if a more fitting offer is available.  We really try not to be a “one size fits all” service.

Q: I was your customer once upon a time. Can I rejoin?

Welcome back!  Of course you can return.  The offer on the website is the same for all customers, from the new members to customers who were once ours and moved away.  There is absolutely no judgment from us.

Q: I’m sold, but I’m with another supplier. Can I still join?

You can switch suppliers at any time, in accordance with the NH PUC rules.  However, we highly recommend speaking with your current supplier to ensure you don’t have any applicable early termination fees or aren’t locked into a contract at the moment.  Resident Power would love to have you as a customer, but we don’t want to see you get a bill from your former supplier and get angry at us.

Q: How long does the switch take?

It can take 1 to 2 billing cycles to take effect, depending on a few things in the backend.  Remember that the bill is written for the previous billing cycle, so it may be in effect but you can’t see it yet.

Q: I’m moving. What do I do?

Congratulations on the new home!  Give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process with the utility to help avoid any interruptions in your current supply rate.

Q: I hate robots. Can I talk to a real person?

Funny, we’re not particularly fond of them either.  Give us a call between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday, and we’ll answer the phone.  If you happen to catch our voicemail, a real person will call you back.

Q: I’m currently receiving a discount from the Electricity Assistance Program. Can I still join?

We highly recommend that you don’t.  Joining our program, or any other supplier for that matter, will remove the EAP discount from the supply portion of your bill.  We have often found that the discount offered by the EAP program is far greater than what we could provide, which is why we recommend remaining with the utility.

Q: I still have more questions. What do I do?

Got questions?  Call us, email us, or even chat with us online.  We’re not here to deceive you and really want our customers to be very comfortable with their enrollment decision.  No high pressure sales, just straight forward and honest answers (and maybe a few jokes in between).